Use Cases

The Integratr platform is a modern virtual care platform that can suit many different use cases in the health care industry.

All you need is …

One Platform –
To deliver effective Virtual Care

The Integratr platform is the only thing you need to deliver effective virtual care to your patients.

Our platform is robust and has redundancy across multiple data centers in Canada. It can be used seamlessly on tablets, phones and computers.

Pharmacy & Clinic Care

Integratr allows pharmaceutical and clinic healthcare professionals to securely communicate with their patients.

Pharmacy and Clinic healthcare professionals use the Integratr platform to communicate securely with their patients

We have built a specialized platform that makes it easy for pharmacists, registered nurses, LPN’s, and other clinic healthcare professionals to create appointments with their patients and facilitate secure virtual consultations.

Secure virtual consultations can be used to facilitate remote care appointments, training sessions, and collect data from patients. Sessions can be one-to-one or one-to-many. Patients can access our easy-to-use Paas product called Atlantic.Care for easy access to join video sessions.

Our platform can also be integrated with your in house pharmacy, clinic systems and/or EMR.

In emergency situations, you may need a healthcare provider, such as a paramedic or registered nurse to be able to do a secure video session with a Doctor or other healthcare professional.

In these situations, the Integratr platform can offer a solution that quickly facilitates secure video sessions with single or multi-parties.

Information can be exchanged and collected on the fly and recorded in our platform.

Emergency Care

The Integratr platform can be used to facilitate virtual care in emergency situations.

Mental Health & Wellness

Integratr allows mental health and wellness professionals to connect with their patients via secure video conferencing, and send messages and collect pertinent clinical information.

Mental health and wellness professionals in Canada are using the Integratr platform to facilitate secure video sessions with their clients

The Integratr platform allows mental health and wellness professionals to setup appointments with their clients, send out email invitations, then join into secure video sessions with their patients when it comes time to do the appointment.

The process has been made simple through piloting our platform with many private practice therapists. Contact us to learn more how our platform can work for your practice.

Chronic disease management, drug adherence, and wellness programs can be created and managed in the Integratr platform

The Integratr platform allows healthcare professionals to create and manage their patients who have chronic conditions. You can create appointments with your patients, send email reminders, and then successfully perform secure video conferencing sessions.

Post-video session, you can then collect important data about your patients for tracking and managing patients with chronic conditions.

Chronic Disease Management

Integratr has partnered with health care organizations to operate chronic disease management, drug adherence, and wellness programs.

Primary Care Providers

Integratr allows Doctors and Registered LPN’s to connect with their patients via secure virtual sessions.

If you are a Canadian MD or LPN, you can leverage the Integratr platform to virtualize your practice

If you are a Doctor or LPN based in Canada, and looking to take advantage of virtual care – please reach out to the Integratr team. We have a specialized application that can be used to schedule appointments, send out email reminders, and then perform secure video sessions with your patients.

Sessions can be documented – SOAP notes recorded, and your patients can use our apps for iOS and Android to connect with you securely.