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Virtual Care Solutions

Integratr is a PIPEDA-compliant and comprehensive platform. As part of our offerings, we have 2 different solutions – one for Enterprise organizations: you can host the platform internally in your data centre, and we have an easily accessible Platform-as-a-Service called Atlantic.Care that your organization can use quickly.

Video Conferencing

Secure video conferencing between healthcare professionals and patients.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging via mobile devices between providers and patients

Data Collection

Securely collect important information from your patients

The Integratr Engine is what powers our platform. Enterprise healthcare organizations can deploy Integratr in their data center, and then integrate with our API’s to add secure messaging, video conferencing, and data collection capabilities to their existing systems.

Our platform can be hosted in traditional on-premise environments or be hosted within Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud environments. We also have Software Development Kits (SDK’s) that can be used by your software development teams to build apps for iOS and Android.

Atlantic.Care is a Platform-as-a-Service version of the Integratr platform. Healthcare organizations can sign up and use the platform to facilitate secure communications between healthcare professionals and their patients.

Contact us to sign up for our 6 Month Beta Program starting in April 2020.

Connect Remotely

Video Conferencing

Healthcare Professionals and Patients can interact using secure video sessions

Stay Connected

Secure Messaging

Healthcare Professionals and Patients Can Message on Mobile and Desktop

Track Outcomes

Integrated Data Collection

Surveys and Data Collection Integrated Directly Within Video Conferences and Messaging Applications