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Secure PIPEDA compliant communications for the healthcare industry

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Communicate with your patients securely

Create secure channels to perform encrypted communications between providers and patients

Secure Provider to Patient Communications

Create secure channels from your in-house applications

Perform secure, PIPEDA compliant communications from your applications by interfacing with the Integratr REST and Socket-based API's.

You can also use our Software Development Kits (SDKs)to allow your healthcare professionals to create secure channels from your existing apps for iOS and Android.

Create persistent secure channels

With Integratr, you can create persistent secure channels that store healthcare communications, until data is erased based on your organizations data policies.

For example, you can state that your organization would like to have a data retention period of 30 days. After the 30 days, all communication information would be removed from the persistent channel. This can be useful for multi-day counselling sessions with healthcare professionals for example.

Create session-based secure channels

With Integratr session-based channels, you can create temporary sessions that only retain information in that moment with a patient, similar to a chat session.

None of the communication is stored in a database after the fact. The information is only available and temporarily stored while the session is live.

For example, this can be useful for healthcare consultations where no data retention is required. It also required both parties to perform a handshake and accept the session-based secure channel creation.

Multi-platform support

Integratr secure channels can be used on Android, iOS, or any web-enabled devices using modern web browsers.

White-labelled Apps for mobile

Integratr has secure communications apps for iOS and Android that your organization can white-label for your own purposes.

Store All Data In Your Healthcare Offices

We can setup an Integratr server on your office network in your data centre. One of the beliefs that we have with Integratr is that you should have control over your data.

PIPEDA Compliant

Ensure that the communications your healthcare staff are engaging in is efficient, but secure and compliant with regulations in your area.

Electronic Medical Record Integration (EMR)

Connect Integratr to your in-house EMR / EHR systems to allow your medical professionls to perform secure communications with your patients.

Data Policy Control

Create organizational policies to ensure your systems and staff are doing communications that are compliant with your organizational security policies.

Detailed Reporting and Audit Logs

Ensure that your organization can track, monitor, and review all data being transferred via the Integratr platform. Know what's going on in your organization.

API's and SDKs

Software developers can integrate your applications with the Integratr REST and Socket-based API's and use our Software Development Kits for iOS and Android in your apps

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What types of communication are supported?

  • Video conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Document Transfer
  • Voice calling

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