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Neil McWilliam & Robert Boyle founded Integratr to help healthcare organizations perform secure, encrypted communications

Having worked in software development and leadership positions for healthcare organizations over the last 13 years, it had become abundantly clear that many healthcare organizations were struggling to communicate with their patients electronically, while still remaining PIPEDA compliant, and not exposing their communications to any unnecessary privacy risks.

The Integratr platform is specifically designed for the healthcare industry and can facilitate secure messaging, video conferencing, secure file transfer, and voice calls. It is named Integratr to highlight the fact that it can be integrated with your existing systems or EMR.

Integratr is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Atlantic Canada.

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Is your healthcare organization at risk?

Learn how Integratr can help!

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What types of communication are supported?

  • Video conferencing
  • Secure Messaging
  • Document Transfer
  • Voice calling

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