Transferring confidential data through email?

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If you're organization is emailing confidential information, you should consider an encrypted file transfer service.

We have a feature of Integratr called Secure File Transfer that can be setup/installed in your data centre. It allows your employees to transfer important documents encrypted to your customers. It sends an alert email to your customer to advise them of your secure transfer, and then allows your customer to download the file securely. All data is encrypted in transit while your customer downloads their file or data.

If your team is looking for a simple way to do secure file transfer, while still using your existing applications, use Integratr's API and SDK's to integrate with our secure file transfer service. This allows your organization and software developers to seemlessly add secure file transfer functionality onto your existing applications.

Here are some of the features of Integratr Secure File Transfer

  • Secure encrypted document and file transfer
  • Easy to use interface
  • Notifications via email to alert of secure transfer
  • Integrate Secure Mail with your existing applications
  • Integratr Bar (optional) which can be added to your applications via our Javascript library
  • Track when your recipient receives your file
  • Control what types of documents team members are allowed to transfer

What can I do to protect my organization?

If your organization is interested in using modern applications to do secure communications, but still store and have full control over your data - please reach out to the Integratr team to learn more. We can show you exactly how the Integratr platform works and provide a software demo at your convenience.

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