Are you sending personal health information insecurely?

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Is your organization sending confidential personal health information (PHI) via insecure means? In our company audits we've found that many organizations follow unacceptable practices, although they have the best intentions of keeping PHI secure.

Here are some questions that you can ask your Information Technology and Security teams:

  • What is the level of security being employed when I transfer my data? - Where is my data going in transit? Is it travelling outside of the Country?
  • Is my data being sent unencrypted or with an unacceptable level of encryption? (using latest industry standards? Email and text messaging are not acceptable)
  • Is the way I'm transferring PHI compliant with laws and regulations in my Country? (PIPEDA/HIPAA)
  • Where is my data stored "at rest" and is it stored encrypted?
  • Do you have appropriate control and permissions defined for accessing your data?
  • Do you have control over when and how your data is sent?

This just scratches the surface. But many organizations have skipped the basic questions.

What can I do to protect my organization?

If your organization is interested in using modern applications to do secure communications, but still store and have full control over your data - please reach out to the Integratr team to learn more. We can show you exactly how the Integratr platform works and provide a software demo at your convenience.

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