A modern PIPEDA compliant platform for healthcare providers and their patients.


We have solutions for the following sectors of health care: mental health and wellness, emergent care, and chronic disease management.


Integratr creates pilot projects, performs consulting work, does system implementations and offers developer services.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments with clients easily

Secure Messaging

Messaging between healthcare professionals and patients

Video Conferencing

Securely video conference between healthcare professionals and patients

Data collection

Collect data from patients securely

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Integratr is an innovative business based in New Brunswick, Canada. We are currently looking to start pilot projects with healthcare organizations in Canada.

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Drive Results

Deploy our platform in your organization to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes


Virtual Care Platform


With EMR’s


PIPEDA compliant



The next generation of

Virtual Care Software

Fully integrateable enterprise virtual care platform with a modern design that can seemlessly integrate in with your practice.

Work with the Integratr team to establish a pilot project with your organization.

Pharmacy & Clinic Care

Integratr allows pharmaceutical and clinic healthcare professionals to securely communicate with their patients.

Emergency Care

Use our virtual care technology to increase the capabilities of your paramedics and front line healthcare professionals

Mental Health & Wellness

Use our virtual care platform to better support your patients mental health and wellness goals

Primary Care Providers

Start providing virtual care at your practice today using the Integratr platform

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