Secure communications for healthcare

Encrypted PIPEDA-compliant video and messaging software, built for integration.

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Our Products

Integratr has two core products - Meet and Messenger. Meet can be used to facilitate secure video sessions and Messenger can facilitate secure messaging.

Why Integratr?

Use Integratr to add secure communications capabilities to your existing applications and EMR systems.

Easy integration (API's & SDK's)

Designed for healthcare

Mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Define security policies

Collect data from patients

Flexible deployment options

Deployment Options

The Integratr platform can be deployed on-premise or in a cloud environment. We partner with your organization and work closely with your technical teams to ensure a successful deployment.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud


All communications facilitated through the Integratr platform are encrypted and PIPEDA-compliant. You can also define retention policies for any data stored on the platform.

Hosted in Canada & PIPEDA-Compliant

REST & WebSocket via HTTPS over TLS 1.2+

AES-256 Encryption for platform traffic

Hardened platform (only secure ports opened)

Built in Canada

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